Plagiarisms Considered Unethical in Research Paper Writing

What is Plagiarism?

First of all, let us know what plagiarism is. It is the use of words or phrases or ideas of someone else and publishes it with your own name. Hence, plagiarism is considered as a kind of intellectual theft.

There are many forms that can be taken by plagiarized paper such as deliberate cheating or copying from any source without acknowledging the source. Subsequently, if you use idea or words of another researcher you should always acknowledge the source from where it has been taken.

Plagiarism is Unethical

Any academic writing is expected to be researched and referred to various authorities and experts and produce original work. This indicates that the work produced is your own idea and you are very much clear about the idea presented in the paper.

Plagiarism is considered unethical and there are three main reasons:

  • The first reason being it is a type of theft which means you are taking words or ideas of others and publish it in your own name, hence you tend to steal the intellectual property of others.
  • The second reason being the plagiariser that is the person who copies the idea is benefitted from the plagiarism.
  • The third reason being the degree which the student holds is evident of his own ability and knowledge. If the student has plagiarised and achieved his degree this means that the employment gained on the basis of the qualification is not earned by the degree holder and this may put him at risk in the future.

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